Sick as a Dog!

It’s always this time of year.  Sometime between the beginning of November and Christmas.  Sickness befalls me.  The rest of the year I am typically as healthy as a horse, in fact I think my average for getting sick is about once a year.  Now happens to be that time.


It began with a tickle.  A bit of a strange scratchy feeling in the back of my throat on Saturday evening.  I could tell something was awry.  I hoped it was just dust and allergies causing it, because I had been digging around in the attic getting down Christmas decorations and tree ornaments.  I woke up on Sunday feeling just a little bit worse.

Monday rolled around, after barely being able to sleep on Sunday night, and I felt like a freight train had barreled through me.  I felt like I had the Flu!  Couldn’t be that though, because I get the Flu shot yearly, and had just been inoculated about three weeks prior.  It must just be a bad cold.  I struggled through Monday, but it was bearable because I had the day off from work,  Tuesday?  Now that was another story.  I about fell out by the time I got home from work.  Pure crazy sick!

Today hasn’t been much better.  Every year I get sick around this time and it’s curious to me.  How come it always coincides with a downtime in my training regime?  Every time this happens I’ve been “taking some time off”.  A running vacation of the non-running kind, if you will.  I think it’s sort of strange that as soon as I stop running, which only happens in late November and December, my body at rest, picks up an illness.  I swear to God, if I was training for a marathon right now, I wouldn’t have gotten sick.



Had to put in a sick chihuahua photo, since I own two of them.

Arctic Blast


An almost unprecedented cold blast is just upon us here in sunny NC.  It’s coming!  I woke up at 4 this morning, and the temperature was about 60 degrees.  Actually went up two degrees before 6am.  The day has gotten progressively colder though, as the actic air mass heads this way.

Here a a a look at the current US temperature map.


We are sitting right at about 45 degrees now, but it will get much colder.  It’s almost 20 degrees colder in Atlanta right now.  We are warmer than the entire state of Texas!  Well, we are warmer than practically the entire country.  Right now.  Those isobars are getting closer and closer and will soon engulf this area.

I have the perfect opportunity to run right now, but have opted to relax instead.  I ran over 23 miles last week, and have a slight twinge of soreness in my hamstring, so I am sitting this run out.  Will more than likely not run tomorrow ether, as it will be bitter, and bone chilling out all day.  Single digits here tomorrow.  Colder than it’s been the entire 14 years I have lived here.  In fact, much of the US will set record lows, and certainly decade old or more, records tonight and tomorrow.  All I can do is think Spring.

Many runners are gearing up for Disney’s Dopey Challenge this weekend, and are probably pretty excited about getting into some warmer temps.  Although Orlando doesn’t look to warm right now.  I wish you all luck who are participating.  Take your time, and don’t expend all of your energy on those shorter races.  The importance lies in completing the challenge, so pace yourselves.  I will be taking it a bit easier this week, as my goal race is not this weekend.  It’s next weekend in Charleston.  The body has been a bit tight lately, and I am going to err on the side of caution so that I can feel good on race day.

So, whatever you are doing out there in these bitter cold temperatures, please be safe.  Bundle up, and take heed of the warnings of frostbite.  I may just bundle up myself, and head out on a short run tomorrow morning, just to say that I ran during the Arctic Vortex.  Right now though, I am enjoying a milder afternoon than most in this country, and wish everyone warm thoughts….

Think Spring….


Flip Flops

Mowing the grass

Try to think of anything that will make the mercury rise.