Times… They are a-changin’

One constant I have in my life is running, but everything else seems to be changing and moving at a fast pace these days.  I’m getting older, and sometimes that really bothers me.  I’ll be 46 in a little over a month, and that’s closer to 50 than 40.  What’s happening?

Time just seems to be slipping by.  My oldest son is just a few months away from graduating High School, and moving on.  It scares me a bit.  What’s a bright and wonderful lifetime ahead of him, means leaving the nest.  For me?  I am experiencing some sadness and loneliness already, and he’s not even gone yet.  I’m sure this is normal, but I have not adjusted in my head yet what my new normal will be.

The decision was made a few weeks back to sell the house, and move closer to work.  I’ve been busy decluttering, donating to charity, and sprucing up what needs to be presented well when the house goes on the market.  Hoping to be ready in about 4-6 weeks.  Organizing, painting, fixing that stuff that should have been already fixed.  I got comfortable, and let go of the proactive when it comes to the house years ago.  I’m paying for it now.  So, when I’m not at work, or out on a run, I am busy in the house.

It’s a major change.  The next few months are not going to be easy, but times, they are a changing.


I have to come to terms with change.  I’ve had a kid in the house for the last 20 years.  Soon, this will be over.  Time to move onward and upward.  I just have to work my way through this, and embrace the change.  I moved to my current house almost 17 years ago, this too, will be a tough transition.  Leaving a house, for an apartment or townhome.  Different space, different surroundings.  I need to look at it with zeal, change can be good.

Luckily I have my health, and feel good.  I need to look at a move as a change of scenery.  New things to explore, new paths to run.  New faces.  Ok, I’ve given myself a pep talk for the day, now I have to get back to painting.  This house isn’t going to spruce itself up.  Down to the nitty gritty.


Bittersweet weekend – College is beckoning

It’s really hard to believe that I became a father for the first time over 18 years ago.  How is it that my oldest son has grown up so quickly, yet I seem to not have aged a bit?  Lol, not really.  Definitely more gray, and surely wiser, as well.  Life teaches us so many lessons, and I can only hope I taught my son great lessons along his path, as well.


This weekend is move in weekend at North Carolina State University.  A huge step in his life, and really a life changing step for me, as well.  I am losing one of my best friends this weekend to college life.  My only wish is that he be successful, and really soak up the college experience.  It really is a privilege to go to college, and the learning he is embarking on will hopefully sustain him later in life in a career that brings him much joy.


From today forward, I will not get to spend nearly as much time with him.  Instead, he will be making new friends, studying way more than he ever needed to in Highschool, attending college games, and becoming an adult more and more everyday.  I wish him a world of success, and hope he remembers that Dad can still be a mentor, and that I will always be here for him.  I hope we become even closer as he ages and becomes a successful man himself.

The nest is a little quieter this weekend, a little less cluttered, but a whole lot prouder.

Dylan, remember that Dad loves you, and I am here for you always.