Lucky #13


On May 4th, just four short days away, I will be toeing the line and beginning my 26.2 mile journey for the 13th time.  Successful completion is the goal, if nothing else.  The weather is supposed to be warm, a risk I knew about going in.  I debated the potential for hot weather back when I signed up in December.  I guess a warm weather marathon sounded pretty good, when it was 28 degrees the day I signed up.  The reality of it is now upon me, and it doesn’t sound too enjoyable.  Currently the forecast at the start is about 52 degrees, full on sunshine and a high in the low 80’s.  Wow and yikes at the same time!

I plan on conquering this marathon one mile at a time.  Slow and deliberate if needed, with no pressure.  Well, to be honest, I would like to finish under four hours.  If I do, it will be my 8th in a row under four hours.  BUT….. I will not risk injury, or heat related illness to achieve this goal.  I want to remain healthy, as I have big plans on getting back to my running roots this Summer.  I do not want to start out the Summer being injured.

This marathon is unique in many ways.  I think the most notable is the fact that they are having several packet pick ups.  I believe six in total, starting a few days ago.  There is no race day packet pick up.  Instead, they are having packet pick ups at several locations across the state of North Carolina.  A road show, if you will.  They have been in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro.  I plan on picking up my packet on Friday, at the closest location to me, Durham.

Yesterday the race organization sent out a post regarding aid stations.  I think, based on the potential for very warm weather, that they have added several more water stops along the course.  Every other mile, up to mile 10, then every mile.  This will be very important to runners.  Staying hydrated will be the order of the day.  I am debating running shirtless, as a sweaty shirt in 80 degrees will surely leave my nipples in a world of hurt.  Maybe I will just wear a red shirt, so that the blood will just blend in. (Sigh)

So, over the next couple of days the final preparations will fall into line.  Body Glide, check!  Do they sell it in an economy size 64oz. stick?  I think I am going to need it.  Gu, for on the course.  Generation UCan, more on course nutrition.  Sunscreen, cap and buff to wipe away the sweat, and keep the sun out of my eyes.

Marathon lucky #13 is here, and I will cross that line!