Bull City Half Marathon- Race Recap

This past Sunday I ran Bull City Race Fest again!  Third time in the four years the race has been running.  The only time I didn’t run it was a few years ago when I ran the Greensboro Marathon the day before.  Yes, I hated to miss it that year but I just couldn’t get myself out of bed at 4am after a marathon the day before.  My legs and energy were shot.  This year was another story.

Everything about this race is just awesome.  Tons of runners, nearly 6,000 every year running the Half, Five miler and 1 miler combined.  I was asked to be on the pace team again this year, one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Since I’ve been struggling a bit with my feet I decided to pace the 9:00 mile group.

I paced with with a great runner, Drew, who I hadn’t met at previous pace experiences at this race.  He was an awesome pace partner.  In 2013 I paced the 1:45:00 finish group, in 2015 I paced the 8:30 per mile group with my son, and now 2016 the 9:00 mile group.

Race morning was near perfection weather wise.  52 degrees, and just beautiful.  This race has always been ultra lucky with fantastic weather.  We lined up with our pace sign about 20 minutes prior to the gun.  As you can imagine, this group was loaded with folks wanting to beat the 2:00:00 Half finish.  I love a huge group of runners, especially on a hilly course.  Runners ebb and flow, and you get a chance to meet and talk with so many new faces along the way!

Our race was filled with ups and downs, as you would expect on the hills of Durham.  Such a great course though, giving runners a chance to see many parts of the city.  We kept a great consistent pace.  Constantly checking our progress, Drew and I maintained a pace of about 8:57 through the first half of the course.  As with most races, our timing devices were a little off from each other, and also the mile markers on course, but doing the extrapolations each mile, we were confident our pace was on target especially knowing how difficult and hilly the final miles are.

We ended up bringing tons of folks across the line with new PR’s, and many more just so happy to finish that tough race.  Pacing is always tough work.  My goals are different depending on each races expectations of how close to the target each pacer should be, and much to my surprise I came across the line with a perfect 1:58:00, 9:00 minute mile pace.  So difficult to nailed it perfectly, in fact I’ve never done it.  Most races expect a finish within a minute under goal time, but not over.  This one may go down in the books as the only perfect finish I’ll ever have.

It was a great day!  Finish festival with food trucks is always a bonus, especially when you can spread out and bask in the sun and also the glow of an awesome finish!  Thanks Bull City, and big thanks to Drew for pacing with me!  I shall return!


#RunBullCity – Bull City Race Fest Discount Code

Just wanted to take a moment and spread some hype about a great local race.  The Bull City Race Fest is taking place this year on October 18th, in downtown Durham, NC.  This race festival includes a family friendly 1 mile run, an awesome 5 mile run, and the ever popular Half Marathon.

An amazing Food Truck Rodeo greets runners at the finish line.  And let me just say that the race course is beautiful!  Challenging, but gorgeous!

I have a friends and family discount to offer when you sign up.  Save $5 by entering code “USB13” at checkout.  Check out the race website at https://www.bullcityracefest.com.


Join in me this Fall at one of our areas most amazing races!  Follow them on Twitter at @BullCityRace.

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Half Marathon #18


Bull City – My 18th Half Marathon

This coming Sunday, I will be running the Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon.  I’m looking forward to it, and a little worried about it at the same time.  After running a Half, Full, Half on three consecutive weekends, I have been struggling a bit with recovery while trying to maintain my fitness level for my final four races of the year.

I had to take a few days off from training last week, my hamstrings felt injured, and I felt tired.  I really started to worry last week that I would not be able to finish out my year with a real bang.  Thankfully, with a few days of rest, I have been able to put together three runs over the past few days that have felt much better.  I am not getting more excited about running in Durham this weekend.  I am vastly unfamiliar with Durham, even though it is not that far away.

Living in “The Triangle“, and area that encompasses Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, I have spent the least amount of time in the Durham area.  I have raced there in the past, twice racing an event called Running of the Bulls.  This event is an 8k, and have twice run it with my older son.  The folks at Bull City Running put on great events.  This course, is new to me, and knowing that brings me a little uneasiness.  The course is hilly, but I don’t mind that at all.  The weather looks fairly promising, but we are still a few days away and things could change.  Right now it looks like favorable morning temperatures, and partly cloudy.


Supporting local events is a must in my book.  I try to run as many as I can, but running the same races year after year can get a bit boring.  The nice thing about this race, is that it is a first time event.  I’ll definitely report back after the race, and let everyone know how this race rates.

My goals for this race?  To enjoy the atmosphere, and soak up the sights in Durham.  The race showcases the downtown area, Trinity Park and the campus of Duke University.  Most of the area is unknown to me, so this should be fun to run.  As far as a time goal, I really would just like to run it under 1:45:00.  Other than that, because this is a large race, I just want to quickly get into a nice rhythm and let my legs and feet do the work.  I will recap my event early next week.


Durham…. I am heading your way for #18!