Magic 8


I’m about to finish out my training week with an 8 mile run.  I will consider it a lucky 8 because it is a beautiful day, and I’m lucky to be in good shape and injury free this close to my next marathon.

My training week, first week of marathon tapering, has gone well.  I’ve run 18.4 miles in four training runs thus far.  Add today’s eight miler that I am about to do, and it will put me at 26.4 for the week.  That is a good place for me.  I cannot, and will not overtrain at this point.  I have learned to listen to my body.  I need a few weeks of tapering so that my body, legs and feet most importantly, get better rest, and rejuvenate before the heavy demands of the marathon.  Today will be an easy paced eight miles through hills in the area.  The temperature has been really nice today, but I had to work this morning when it really would have been prime time to run.  It is 82 degrees right now, and I will wait about another hour before heading out, and give the sunshine a little bit longer to start setting behind the trees.

I cannot believe that the Asheville Marathon is only 13 days away now.  Less than two weeks, about 7 more training runs to go.  Will I be ready?


8 Ball says “As I see it yes”!  I will be ready.

This coming week I plan on running about 30 miles, but that includes a Half Marathon race I have this coming Saturday.  13.1 miles will be my last long run prior to the Full on the 28th.  The weather here in central NC has cooled a bit.  For now.  We still will have plenty of days in the upper 80’s and low 90’s, but I do see the signs that Fall is just around the corner.  Looking at the temperatures in the mountains, where the marathon is, the evenings and mornings are already looking nice and cool.  I am hoping for a 50 degree start, and a gradual warm up to 60.  We shall see how that plays out.  I will certainly have my eye on the weather.

Weather you consider it a Magic or Lucky 8 Ball, I am looking for all positives leading up to the big day.  The only time I would want to see a negative response would be the answer “Sources say No”, to the question “will it rain on race day”?  Otherwise, nearing a 26.2, I want everything to go well.  Body feeling good, mind and spirit in tune.  The heart will be there, now I just need everything to align on 9/28.  I’ve done my best to be prepared, gotta leave the rest to chance.

I would love to be at 100% come race day.  I guess that I have to leave that to my fortune telling friend the Magic 8 Ball, and this is the response I hope to get.


Best of luck to all of you who are nearing the end of your training cycles, and gearing up for the big race.  Would love to hear from you on how prepared you feel for your next race.