Don’t just visit happiness, LIVE IT!

It’s a plain and simple truth…

Life is not always easy.  It is never certain, most times unclear.  We live in a world of earthquakes, floods, war, death, inequality, racism, hunger, divorce, poverty.  Many aspects of life challenge us as human beings every day.  We must push through and persevere.

Isn’t life full of amazing wonders though?  Sunshine, family, nature, love, warmth.  The list is endless.

Sometimes it is very difficult to watch the news these days.  It seems that most of the time the world is focused on what’s wrong.  I wish we could focus more on what’s right with the world.

We need to smile, and laugh, and love.  Hug your loved ones.  Be polite.  Care for your neighbors.  Reach out and help strangers.  Uplift, and enjoy life.  We only have one life to live, and doesn’t it make more sense to be kind?


Let negativity go, or use it to inspire positive change.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more of us smiled?  Live in your happy place today, and every day.

Beverly Hills Marathon (well, kinda)

February is here!  Finally, after a long cold January, another cold month to endure.  But, we are closer to Spring, and that is what’s important.  Thinking about warmer days is the only thing getting me through.  Well that and the fact that my next marathon is now just a short six days away.


Do any of you remember the movie Beverly Hills Cop?  How about the theme song from that movie?  Glenn Frey?  One of the best songs!  The Heat is On!  I heard this song on my XM radio this past week, and began to sing it like it was just released.  Ok, I love 80’s music.

As I listened to that song, singing away, it really hit home that now is the time.  The final days before a race are such a stress filled, anticipatory feeling.  Nerves are on edge, and final mental preparations are being nailed down.  The heat really is on.


I’m now sure about how others do it, but I typically adopt a theme, or mantra before running a race.  “Dig Deep” is one that I have used in use past, and have given to others.  (Annie, I’m talking about you!). I already have a theme picked out for a race later this year.  Rocky Mountain High, by the late John Denver, when I run Revel Rockies Marathon high up in the Colorado Rockies.  But since this race is being run in the winter, and the forecast is a chilly 48 degrees, the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop fits perfectly.


I have to show the heat!  “The heat is on….. on the street”.  I have to show a bit of fire on the ice.  Even though my race won’t be in Beverly Hills, I will be channeling my inner Glenn Frey and Eddie Murphy.  Could be fun!

What mantra do you run with?  Do you have a particular theme you always run with, or do you change it up depending on the race?

Mojo Running


What is Mojo?  An inner strength?  Inner spirit?  Fight?  Desire?  The want or need to fulfill, and going after it.  Feeling good, and not being afraid.  Taping into that special glow from within.

Finding that spark is sometimes hard to do.  Sometimes we have it, and other times we don’t.

What do you do to find that spirit?  To show the world and yourself that you run with a purpose?

Sometimes I run, and it’s just a run.  Other times, I find myself in another world.  When the planets align, and the body feels good, the mind is sharp, who knows what can happen.  We humans can achieve greatness.  Look at Meb.  Hard fought, and effort galore, he brings home the Boston Marathon to the U.S. for the first time in 31 years.  Yeah, of course we have to have ability.  What is really comes down to is one thing, I think.  Desire.  (Mojo)

We all run at different speeds, different abilities and different goals.  What we share, however, is that inner spark.  That thing that gets us out on the road, or trail or to the gym.  Whether your goal is to win the Boston Marathon, or just to get there, or to get off the couch and run that first mile, we all need mojo.

I’ve felt my Mojo returning after a few weeks of recovery, and it feels so good.  The legs want to run, the mind is ready for that high.  I’ve tapped into it again, and am running happy.  Running proud, and running strong.

Please excuse me, my running shoes are calling….



It’s hard to fight the instinct to push.

It’s never easy slowing down when all you want to do is speed up.

When you give your heart and soul to something, it consumes you.


We must learn though, that with every step forward comes rest.  To get better at something, our bodies need to be ready for it.  Without proper rest and recovery, we will never be our best.

I think that recovering from a marathon is like how my body feels after taking a red eye flight across the country and not being able too sleep.  It takes days to feel right again.

After my most recent marathon I was sore, as expected.  My legs didn’t feel right for a few days, and I slept like a rock.  I decided to run a two miler, four days later.  The resulting run was slow and tedious.  Another two days off led me to yesterdays run.  A two and a half miler, slow again, but a bit more natural feeling.  Ok, so let’s run again today.  Back to back days on the run.  Today I managed a 5k, and threw in a few hills.  Better.  Not whole yet, but better.  Getting there.

I’ve learned to take it slow.  I really don’t watch the Garmin, but I track my progress regardless.  Small steps forward, taking it slow.

There will be a time and place for that quickness, be patient.  A marathon is taxing, remember.

Ok, so these are notes to myself.  Sometimes I need reminding that a low mileage week is great for my body.  Taking days off is ok.  Chilling on the couch with my feet up isn’t being lazy, it’s being good to myself.

Self, relish in the accomplishment of another marathon, and heal to run another.