Mojo Running


What is Mojo?  An inner strength?  Inner spirit?  Fight?  Desire?  The want or need to fulfill, and going after it.  Feeling good, and not being afraid.  Taping into that special glow from within.

Finding that spark is sometimes hard to do.  Sometimes we have it, and other times we don’t.

What do you do to find that spirit?  To show the world and yourself that you run with a purpose?

Sometimes I run, and it’s just a run.  Other times, I find myself in another world.  When the planets align, and the body feels good, the mind is sharp, who knows what can happen.  We humans can achieve greatness.  Look at Meb.  Hard fought, and effort galore, he brings home the Boston Marathon to the U.S. for the first time in 31 years.  Yeah, of course we have to have ability.  What is really comes down to is one thing, I think.  Desire.  (Mojo)

We all run at different speeds, different abilities and different goals.  What we share, however, is that inner spark.  That thing that gets us out on the road, or trail or to the gym.  Whether your goal is to win the Boston Marathon, or just to get there, or to get off the couch and run that first mile, we all need mojo.

I’ve felt my Mojo returning after a few weeks of recovery, and it feels so good.  The legs want to run, the mind is ready for that high.  I’ve tapped into it again, and am running happy.  Running proud, and running strong.

Please excuse me, my running shoes are calling….

Body Double Runner


I’m tired.  I worked all day.  Yet, I still want to get out there for a short run.  Feeling it?  Not really, but still want to?  Yes.  If only I had a body double.  Let’s face it, sometimes a nap seems more the proper end or a work day.  Maybe I can take a nap while my body double laces up and dons the Garmin for a quick jaunt around the hood.  I certainly am trying to talk myself out of it right now.  “You’re tired, it’s ok to skip a run”.  “Turn on CNN, and put your feet up for a half hour”.

Oh man…. Now I am starting to really come up with excuses.  Excuses are not what helped Meb win the Boston Marathon.

Speaking of Meb, and Boston.  I had to work during the race this year.  I completely missed all of it.  Yeah, bummer, I know.  I did however, record it on some strange sport channel I found about a week after the fact.  Then I forgot I did, but remembered last night.  So I watched Rita and Meb last night.  I watched them intently.  I watched the strides, the body mechanics.  Just amazing!!  It’s all I can say. Amazing!  If only I looked an ounce like Meb when I run, surely I would have a new PR, or BQ in the bag.

Excuses did not win the Boston Marathon.  Excuses will not get me a BQ either, but..I would like to request one thing…..

Meb, will you be my body double?  I could use a nap right now and you could run for me.

Meb wins Boston Marathon


Just incredible performance yesterday by who we should all be calling, a National Hero.  Bringing Boston home for the first time in decades, Meb Keflezighi, an American should be floating on cloud nine today.  What an inspiring day, what an inspired win!


Reading stories like Meb’s, and Rita’s, and Shalane’s…..  Hearing stories about runners I know who were there to run an epic marathon in Boston, one can be jealous and proud at the same time.  Runners like me all around the world have renewed inner spirit and determination based on those performances yesterday.  Don’t we all want to get to Boston?  I am working hard, and will work even harder now, so that I am one of the lucky one’s at next years Boston Marathon.  I haven’t had that perfect race yet this year, but have a few more chances.  I’m going to work harder, train harder, eat better.

My next marathon is the All American Marathon.  Now just 12 days away.  I signed up back in December, knowing that the potential for a hot race was pretty strong based on a May 4th race day.  Yet to be seen, as the forecast doesn’t go out that far.  I will be prepared for the heat though, and try to race as strong as I can.  I bet registration for this event, which also has a half marathon and 5k, saw a huge jump yesterday when Meb won Boston.  You see, Meb is scheduled to be at this local event.  At the pre-race pasta dinner as a speaker, and also at the finish line festival.  I already knew I was going to get the chance to meet Meb on May 4th, but now I get to meet our newest National Hero, the winner of the Boston Marathon.  How exciting is that?  Just knowing that will help push me along that 26.2 mile race course from Fayetteville to Fort Bragg.


If you haven’t got any plans for that weekend upcoming, I urge you to join me, the soldiers, other runners and Meb.