Race Jitters


How do you deal with nerves leading up to a big event?

Do you bite your nails?  Drink?

Well, I don’t do ether of those, so I guess I will just have to calm the jitters by being prepared, and reaffirming myself that race day is going to go well.

With less than two weeks to go, the nerves are starting to come on strong.  You would think that I would be used to this by now.  After all, this is my 6th Marathon.  Running 26.2 miles is just such a big deal, that I don’t know that I will ever get used to the nervousness that comes along with it.  I’ve got 12 days to go, twelve days to reassure myself, and try to feel good about my preparedness for race day.  When you set big goals for yourself, you are bound to be nervous about the accomplishment of those goals.  I guess it’s only natural.

I just have to take care of myself, physically and mentally to arrive at the starting line in the best shape that I can be.


How do you deal with nervous energy?