All American Marathon Countdown


Just 30 days away now, this inaugural race from Fayetteville to Ft. Bragg in beautiful North Carolina will be here before we know it.  I sincerely hope that this event will get great support by the local community, and runners alike.  I’m not sure what the runner caps are for all three events, but I’m guessing there will be a bunch of runners out there.

They recently added a 5k to this event, so that race, coupled with the Half and Full Marathon, should attract runners of all types.  May 4th is race day, so your chance to get some training time in is slipping away.  You can still register for the event online.  Currently the price of the Full Marathon is $90, and $75 for the Half Marathon.  The 5k is available now for $25.

Generation UCan is the official race nutrition, and will be bringing Meb Keflezighi along for runner meet and greets.  Meb won the New York City Marathon in 2009, with a time of 2:09:15.

Ft. Bragg is the largest United States Army installation, and civilian runners get to run in and finish on the base!  That’s something that the Marine Corps Marathon cannot claim, as none of that course is run on base.  This is truly a unique opportunity, and one I am looking forward to.

All American Marathon will be my 13th marathon.  Will I get to see any of you there?

New York City Marathon – Busting the budget


Since becoming a serious runner, I’ve always thought about what it would be like to compete in the New York City Marathon.  Originally from upstate NY, it would mean running in my birth state.  It would mean a celebration, running the five boroughs of NYC would be just incredible.

Running the NYCM means a lot more, however.  Mostly I am talking about the costs associated with running there.  For the average person running NY, that means traveling there, staying there, and the race itself.  Is it a dream of mine?  Sure it is.  Big races are a big attraction to most serious runners.  To be a part of such an iconic race would be just a dream come true.  But, what about the costs involved?  My wallet would take a serious punch if I got in,  can I afford it?

Let’s look at some of the reasonable and average costs associated with running this event.

Entry fee: $255

Airfare: $260

Lodging: $600

Ok, so just to get there, stay there and run it would be a minimum cost of $1,115.  A hefty price tag, for sure.

There are extras though….the schwag at the expo, taxis, how about food?  Ok, so I am really just guessing here, but I am thinking the “extras” could cost about $500.

So, for me, it would cost over $1,600 to run the New York City Marathon.  Unfortunately I cannot afford to run this race, but can still dream about it, can’t I?

I would be interested to hear if anyone has run NYCM, and how much it cost you.  It may help me to make decisions in the future.  Thanks in advance.


Maybe one day I will see the finish line in New York.