Losing a beloved race

Last night I was digging through my closet for a shirt to put on after showering, and found one that made me a bit sad.  I have a plethora of race shirts that are not tech shirts for casual wear, as probably most of you do as well.  Well, sometimes these can be the best sort of shirts to get from a race because you can wear them with a pair of shorts, or jeans and just kick around in them.  The one I found last night I had made at an expo last Fall.  


Putting on this shirt was more of just a reminder of a race that is no longer being run.  After the first running of the marathon distance, one that I truly enjoyed, this long standing race suddenly and unexpectedly pulled the plug.  The Half and 5k had been run for years, and only last year did they decide for the first time to add the full marathon.  It was a beautiful and challenging course in Asheville, North Carolina.  I conquered those hills and had a blast.  

The reason for pulling the plug?  The race didn’t make enough money to properly “give back” to the chosen charities.  Main sponsor pulled out because of bad press, and that’s all she wrote.  I will miss it!  I’m sure others will as well.  It was well run, organized and seemed to have plenty of support from the community.  I planned on going back to try to better my time on the course.  

As I put on this shirt last night I began to wonder how many other great races no longer exist.  For whatever the reason, a great race lives on in our memories forever, even the ones that are lost.  Do you have any races that hold great memories for you that you no longer get the chance to run because they no longer are being run?  Please share…

I’m just glad I spent the extra money to have this shirt made, and plan on wearing it proudly for years to come.