Body Double Runner


I’m tired.  I worked all day.  Yet, I still want to get out there for a short run.  Feeling it?  Not really, but still want to?  Yes.  If only I had a body double.  Let’s face it, sometimes a nap seems more the proper end or a work day.  Maybe I can take a nap while my body double laces up and dons the Garmin for a quick jaunt around the hood.  I certainly am trying to talk myself out of it right now.  “You’re tired, it’s ok to skip a run”.  “Turn on CNN, and put your feet up for a half hour”.

Oh man…. Now I am starting to really come up with excuses.  Excuses are not what helped Meb win the Boston Marathon.

Speaking of Meb, and Boston.  I had to work during the race this year.  I completely missed all of it.  Yeah, bummer, I know.  I did however, record it on some strange sport channel I found about a week after the fact.  Then I forgot I did, but remembered last night.  So I watched Rita and Meb last night.  I watched them intently.  I watched the strides, the body mechanics.  Just amazing!!  It’s all I can say. Amazing!  If only I looked an ounce like Meb when I run, surely I would have a new PR, or BQ in the bag.

Excuses did not win the Boston Marathon.  Excuses will not get me a BQ either, but..I would like to request one thing…..

Meb, will you be my body double?  I could use a nap right now and you could run for me.