Birthday Marathon – Rock ‘n’ Roll style


2014 is shaping up. It’s shaping up quickly, too!  I guess that now that my 2013 racing season has been over for nearly a month, I just have more time on my hands to plan.  The runs are fewer since completing my last marathon, leaving me with more time to plan out next year.

A marathon a month?  Do I dare?  2014 is still a fairly open palate, but it’s filling up quickly with a lot of fun and new races.  I posted recently about registering for the Charleston Marathon next month.  That race is just over a month away.  I have to keep reminding myself to get busy, and lace up.  That race won’t be successful without training miles.  Ok, ok, I will head out on a four to five miler as soon as this post is complete.

So, January is wrapped up, hotel and race paid for.  Next up is February, and The Hilton Head Marathon.  Since my Mother lives there, she is contributing to my registration for the marathon as a Christmas gift.  I still have a few weeks to sign up before the next price increase.

Let’s skip over March for now, as I took advantage of a deal last night.


I registered for my local Rock n Roll marathon, debuting here in Raleigh in April.  On My Birthday!  I took advantage of the best discount I have seen for this event.  Yesterday, on December 12, there was a $20 discount for registering for any Rock n Roll race, and they even opened up registration for one day only, for those wanting to register and run the Vegas event next year.  I may regret not registering for that, too.  I paid $165 to run the Vegas Marathon this year.  Yesterday, it was on sale for $99.  That is a steal!

So, I am locked in for the Raleigh race on my 44th birthday.  Could there be a better way to celebrate a birthday than running a marathon?  Most people would probably choose to sleep in, and have breakfast in bed prepared by a loving family.  Not me.  I will have a very early wake up call, head into the city, and join hundreds of other runners.  Little do they all know, but they will be helping me to celebrate my birthday.  Who knows at this point, but I may have family members running, too.  One thing is for sure though.  We will all be able to celebrate together at the finish.


Maybe I will even be able to get ahold of a special commemorative shirt like the one above.  I am not an ambassador for this event, but I should have been.  This race will truly be unique for me, and definitely one to remember.

Have you ever run a race on your birthday?  I, for one, cannot wait until my birthday in 2014.

Rock N Roll Birthday


April 13, 2014

Just 6 months remain until my Birthday marathon.  I am beginning to hear more and more about this inaugural race here in my hometown, and it’s starting to get exciting.

Running clubs are talking about it, and flyers and posters are starting to appear in race bags around the area.  I decided that I would run this race when I first heard about it, and now that it is only six months away, many people will be starting to think about training plans through the winter.  I plan on running another marathon in the late winter, so this race will piggyback on that one, training wise.

There are so many thoughts and opinions about Rock n Roll sponsored events.  I’ve hear the good, the bad, and the down right ugly.  Everyone has a right to have an opinion.  If you have run one, I would like to get your opinion.  Did you love it?  Did you despise it?  I’ve only run one other Rock n Roll race thus far, and it was in Las Vegas, back in 2011.  I ran the Half Marathon, and really enjoyed it.  Mid and back of the packers did not.  I am also getting ready to run that event again, although this time, I am running the Full 26.2.  That race is now just a short 34 days away.  In fact, I am flying to Vegas a month from today.

So tell me, do you like Rock n Roll events?