Traveling to Run – Running to Travel


One of the best things that has happened as a result of my running, well other than the health benefits both physical and mental is that running gives me an opportunity to travel to places that I may not have normally visited otherwise.  Who doesn’t love to travel?  Unique places, different cities.

Let me think…. Racing has taken me many places.  Many, many more to come.  Over the past few years I was able to visit Asheville, NC twice to run marathons.  Different marathons.  I visited a small town in Upstate New York to run a Half Marathon in a town called DeRuyter.  I’ve been to both Wrightsville Beach, NC, and Charleston, SC, both beach towns this year alone.  I’ve been to Roanoke, Virginia.  A beautiful mountain town with beautiful people, to run America’s Toughest Road Marathon, the a Blue Ridge Marathon.  Yeah, I have traveled to Las Vegas three times to race.  Well, I go there anyway a few times a year, but adding a race into the trip makes it even more fun.  I’ve traveled to Jersey City, NJ.  A beautiful half Marathon right across the water from Manhattan, with views of the Statue of Liberty.  I’ve been a few places, for sure.

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Looking at the months ahead, I have a few more “new” cities to explore through my running.  I’ve never been to Chicago before.  I get to run the Chicago Marathon this year, so this will be a first visit.  I get to travel to Utah this Fall.  Another first.  Running the Big Cottonwood Marathon is the reason for the trip.  A trip I probably wouldn’t make otherwise.


What other locations on the map will I check off the list one day due to my running?  Many, I hope.  I can think of another right off the bag that would be an amazing trip.  Boston, MA.  We’ll see where running takes me.  Reading running blogs from around the world often inspire me to travel.  One of my favorites, with many beautiful pictures makes me want to travel down under. is a great blog, and the reason why I want to travel a billion miles to get there.

I am lucky to run, and lucky to travel.  Have you ever been to a place through your running that you would have never visited otherwise?  Do you travel to run?  Run to travel?  Share your stories, and let me know what places on the map are just not to be missed.