Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon SOLD OUT!!!


I cannot believe it, but the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon and Half has sold out.  Nearly three months before race day, the event is full.  As my readers will remember from previous posts, this marathon takes place on my birthday in April.  What is most curious to me however about the quick sell out, are a couple of recent posts the races Facebook page posted over the weekend.

I signed up about a month ago, when they offered a $20 discount prior to the holidays.  I was really hoping that I could get a few friends and family members to join, but that will not be with the lightning fast sell out.

Here is what was posted over the past few days online, leading me to believe that there was still plenty of time to get my fellow runners registered.


This picture was posted on Facebook this past Friday at 1pm.  Ok, it was a good reminder that the race was getting closer to capacity, but I saw no urgency with this post.  “Less than 1,000 spots left”, doesn’t invoke registration panic, does it?  I didn’t think so.

Then came another post last night on the Facebook page.  This one left me saying “what? It was just at 1,000 two days ago, surely that many people didn’t just sign up in less than 48 hours”.


So from 1,000 to 200.  Is Raleigh really that popular?  Surely this cannot be a huge destination race for runners, or is it?  I figured this race would end up being 80% local runners.  It will be interesting to see the final statistics when it comes to runners, and where they come from.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Raleigh, but 800 registrations in less than 48 hours?  I really don’t believe it.

Then at about 10am this morning, this post on Facebook left me stunned.  Literally my jaw dropped.


Something seems fishy here.  I thought the world was watching the Grammy’s last night.  I didn’t think they would be signing up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh while same sex couples were getting married during Macklemore’s “Same Love”.  I mean, Madonna, Queen Latifah, Keith Urban in tears, wasn’t enough of a distraction to keep the last 200 spots from filling up?

I read a post yesterday stating that the capacity for sell out here for the Raleigh race was 12,000 entrants.  This is another number I can barely wrap my thoughts around.

This race, and the popularity of it, I was clearly underestimating.  My gross miscalculations of how much time was left for people to sign up, is leaving a bunch of runners without a golden ticket to this event.

If it’s a true statistic that close to 10% of registrants in any road race never show up due to injury, etc., then this April 13th, I will be toeing the line in downtown Raleigh with 10,999 other runners.

I cannot believe this news…..but bring it on!

This is going to be the biggest Birthday party I’ve ever had.  By Far!