Cabin Fever in North Carolina – Ice Ice Baby


So, National news?  Yep, storms like we are having right now are few and far between here in North Carolina.  Not this year though.  2014 has proved to be a really long, cold and miserable winter.  I really have had more than enough of this weather.  I grew up in New York, and had my fill one particular day in March of 1999.  That day we had four feet of snow in about 18 hours.  I moved to North Carolina two months later.

I really hate the cold, white stuff.  More snow here than in Sochi, Russia during the Olympic Winter Games?  Sure, Raleigh has had it.  Very unusual, but happening now.

It began Tuesday, with about a half inch of snow.  Yesterday, a whole different story.  About five inches of snow followed by sleet, freezing rain, and ice.  It all happened so quickly.  One minute it wasn’t snowing, the next looked like a blizzard.  Much like Atlanta two weeks ago, Raleigh and the entire triangle region of North Carolina turned into a parking lot.  The stories are amazing.  It took some people five hours to commute 20 miles.  Just a mess!  We were all over CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and other major network news programs.

Just look at the photos.  Area highways were parking lots.

image image

I lost power this morning at 6am, as the ice started piling onto tree branches.

image image

Power was was out for about four hours, and luckily has come back on.  I hope it stays.  Round three of this winter storm has arrived.  A mix of rain, sleet, snow.  Every time I look outside, it’s doing one of those things.  Lots of trees crashing down to the ground due to the extra weight of the ice that formed on the branches.


I am am about to go crazy with cabin fever.  I’d rather be outside running on a nice spring day.  Tonight, as the temps drop into the 20’s, what isn’t frozen already, will be frozen by morning.  I have to get out to work tomorrow, no matter what.  I don’t want to miss another day, plus I just need to get out of the house.

I hear it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees next week.  It can’t get here soon enough for me!

North Carolina Snowstorm -Take II


I think I am going to lose my mind!!!  Seriously, I can’t take this winter anymore.  I need to be on the first flight out of here to somewhere remote in the Caribbean, not to return until Spring.

Round two of the winter weather in two weeks has begun.  It began with a quick burst of snow earlier today, and has already taken hold of this area.  Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc..lots of snow, and then ice.  A 48 hour event, with a lot of folks to lose power.  This is the latest photo from CNN.


The huge problem with this storm is the ice and freezing rain that will follow this snow overnight tonight.  For the local area, they are calling for another two inches of snow on top of the ice that forms tonight.  I am hunkered in, warm.  For now.  Fingers crossed that my power doesn’t go out tonight.  How will I ever be able to get the 20 miles to work tomorrow?  I doubt I will even be able to get out of my neighborhood, much less the entire commute on ice.

Shoot me now.  Anyone else out there having to deal with extreme weather conditions today?


North Carolina Snow Storm


It it sure is pretty, it sure is uncommon.

All hell breaks loose here in North Carolina when the first word of snow is whispered by a weather forecaster.  The grocery stores clear out, the salt and sand, shovels and sleds disappear from hardware store shelves.  Kids delight in a day or two or three off from school, and adults like me go stir crazy, and absolutely bonkers throughout the entire irritating situation.

It began last night around 6pm, with light, feathery flakes.  It didn’t stop for hours and hours.  Waking up this morning to about three inches of fluffy white stuff.  Kids are already out with their sleds, packing the snow down on the streets here in the neighborhood whirring down the roads.  As the weather isn’t supposed to reach over freezing today, and will plunge into the single digits tonight, this is a nightmare situation for trying to get out to work tomorrow.  The roads will be a complete sheet of ice, making it impossible to get out of here tomorrow morning.

I will have to augment my work schedule to accommodate this.  I am supposed to work at 7am, 20 miles away.

Look at these pictures.  Even the beaches in the south are snow covered.


Amazing!  I don’t see anyone with sunscreen out there today, and yet we are supposed to be about 70 degrees on the beaches of North Carolina this Sunday!  Total craziness!  If you don’t give any credence to global warming, I think you should.

Have you heard about the travel nightmares in Atlanta, Georgia?  This was a record setting storm for areas south of here.  I have a friend that was trying to get home from work yesterday in the Atlanta area around the noon time hour.  She still isn’t home, 24 hours later.  The roads are parking lots, gridlock due to the snow.  This turned into abandoned cars, and just a horrible situation.  This sort of thing happened here locally back in 2010.  In fact, the three inches of snow we got, is more than we have had since 2010.  It just doesn’t happen here very often.



Ok, so I guess I will try to get some things done around the house today.  I got my run in yesterday before the storm.  I logged four miles yesterday so that I would have to get out in this today.  This is what others say though, even though I don’t share this thought today.


Be safe out there!

Snow in the forecast


Can I just tell you that I hate snow?  I especially hate snow in the south!  Southerners don’t know how to drive in the white stuff.  We also don’t have the equipment here to deal with a significant snowfall.  A snowfall like is expected later this afternoon and evening will paralyze this area.  Lucky for me I have today and tomorrow off from work, by chance.

I live in the zone where 3-6 inches of snow is expected.  Although it will be pretty, I’m sure, it will be a complete travel nightmare.

My plan is as follows:

What do I want to eat today and tomorrow?  I will think about this as I get ready to head to the grocery store.  Shower and grab some groceries afterward.  Get back home, and then change and go for a quick run before the weather turns ugly this afternoon.  A run today before the storm will allow me to rest again tomorrow when the roads will be to slick for it anyway.  I won’t have to feel guilty that way if I get the run in today.

Then I will sit in the house and get some much needed chores done.  I will also get to watch the madness ensue on TV, watching all of the various broadcasts about the weather, the crazy drivers, and such.

It’s gonna be a mess.  Wish me luck.

Arctic Blast


An almost unprecedented cold blast is just upon us here in sunny NC.  It’s coming!  I woke up at 4 this morning, and the temperature was about 60 degrees.  Actually went up two degrees before 6am.  The day has gotten progressively colder though, as the actic air mass heads this way.

Here a a a look at the current US temperature map.


We are sitting right at about 45 degrees now, but it will get much colder.  It’s almost 20 degrees colder in Atlanta right now.  We are warmer than the entire state of Texas!  Well, we are warmer than practically the entire country.  Right now.  Those isobars are getting closer and closer and will soon engulf this area.

I have the perfect opportunity to run right now, but have opted to relax instead.  I ran over 23 miles last week, and have a slight twinge of soreness in my hamstring, so I am sitting this run out.  Will more than likely not run tomorrow ether, as it will be bitter, and bone chilling out all day.  Single digits here tomorrow.  Colder than it’s been the entire 14 years I have lived here.  In fact, much of the US will set record lows, and certainly decade old or more, records tonight and tomorrow.  All I can do is think Spring.

Many runners are gearing up for Disney’s Dopey Challenge this weekend, and are probably pretty excited about getting into some warmer temps.  Although Orlando doesn’t look to warm right now.  I wish you all luck who are participating.  Take your time, and don’t expend all of your energy on those shorter races.  The importance lies in completing the challenge, so pace yourselves.  I will be taking it a bit easier this week, as my goal race is not this weekend.  It’s next weekend in Charleston.  The body has been a bit tight lately, and I am going to err on the side of caution so that I can feel good on race day.

So, whatever you are doing out there in these bitter cold temperatures, please be safe.  Bundle up, and take heed of the warnings of frostbite.  I may just bundle up myself, and head out on a short run tomorrow morning, just to say that I ran during the Arctic Vortex.  Right now though, I am enjoying a milder afternoon than most in this country, and wish everyone warm thoughts….

Think Spring….


Flip Flops

Mowing the grass

Try to think of anything that will make the mercury rise.


Running in the snow


How about that Nor’easter that blew through the NE overnight.  In fact, over 100 million people have been affected by the storm.  States of emergency, roads closed, windy and blustery, bitter cold.  Wind chills below zero, much below zero.  What is a runner to do?

I used to live in NY, so I am well aware of this type of weather.  Luckily, as I sit on my couch down here in the south, the sun is out, and no snow fell overnight.  It is currently 32 degrees, so right at the freezing mark.  I was going to go for a short run this morning, but opted for an extra cup of coffee, and watching coverage of the storm on CNN.  Sitting here with my little one’s, who hate the cold.


I guess when I think about it, I would rather run in chilly conditions versus hot conditions, but when the temperatures drop to freezing or below, I find it a little difficult to bundle up and head out the door.  What are all of those runners going to do up north today?  I bet many of them can’t get there cars out onto the closed roads, and schools and offices are closed.  Runners will want to run.  So, be careful, bundle up, and run.  I hope at least the sidewalks have been plowed so that you can get out there and get your exercise.


If you must, run.  Be careful of ice!  Most of all, be careful of frostbite.  Dress in layers, and keep those extremities layered.  Gloves, double up those socks, keep your face covered.  It only takes 10 minutes out there in the negative temps with windchill to get frostbite.

As for me, I just don’t miss the snow.  I grew up with it, and had more than my fair share.  It does get cold here in NC in the winter.  It can be below freezing, and occasionally snows.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates in two weeks, as I head to the coast of South Carolina for the Charleston Marathon.  I’ve run races in less than ideal conditions.  Last years Asheville Marathon was run on the coldest day of the year in that area.  It was 8 degrees with wind hills at times, and made the running conditions very difficult.  I’m hopeful for a sunny, windless 50 degrees on race day.

As for today, run or no run, if you live in the Northeast, at least take in the beautiful scenery.