Marathon #5 in 2014


In just over two weeks, my final marathon of the season will be here.  May 4th is coming up quickly.

Last year, as I started planning my 2014 races, I had no intention of doing a marathon a month for the first five months of the year.  It has happened though, and so far so good.  My only issue so far has been a nagging blister, and sore hamstrings.  Coming off this latest marathon, I have had to make an important decision.  A decision to skip a race in Virginia, so save my legs.  I am afraid that if I ran that race, my legs just wouldn’t have anything left.  Finding out about getting into Chicago in the Fall, has helped me make that decision.  I cannot go into Summer injured.

So, taking a few days off this week to recover, I went on a two mile run tonight.  My hamstrings are really sore.  I am going to focus on foam rolling, and taking it easy.  Short runs, good effort, but nothing too serious.  When race day comes in a few weeks, I will be taking it as easy as I can, and try to enjoy.

I want to be feeling good and prepared for Fall races.  I have three marathons, and two halves planned.  That may change.  I won’t be able to be at my best though, and give that BQ one last shot for 2015 if I overdo it.  Big Cottonwood is my BQ goal race.  Chicago will be my big city event, and I have a few local events planned.  First, I get to run the All American, and hopefully meet Meb at the finish line festival.  Here’s to great recovery, and looking forward.