Spirit of the Marathon – Chicago

Wow!  My first trip to Chicago for the famed marathon major is 10 days and 23 hours away.  That starting gun… I can almost hear it.


I posted last year about a very inspiring and heartwarming documentary produced years ago.  Spirit of the Marathon revolves around the progress of runners training and then eventually running the Chicago Marathon.  I remember the first time I watched it a few years ago when I was really starting to get into running seriously.  I hadn’t even run a marathon yet.  This movie inspired me, and made running the a Chicago Marathon a big goal of mine.


I’ve watched the coverage online the past three years.  I dreamed about being there one day.  Now a lottery, I decided to throw my name in the hat this past April.  Low and behold, about 10 days later, I received the confirmation email that I had gotten in.  Really?  Was I going to run Chicago?  The dream was now reality.  I quickly confirmed my registration and began making plans.  I paid my registration fee, booked my flight and hotel.

I am running the Chicago Marathon on October 12th.  It’s real!

I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to inspire my last few runs prior to the race than to watch this great movie again.  If you haven’t ever seen it, you need to.  Google it, find out where you can watch it.  Hulu, YouTube, you can buy it, rent it.  Just watch it!  I’m going to use it as incredible inspiration and something to get the running juices flowing.


If you’ve seen the movie, feel free to share your thoughts.  If you haven’t seen it yet, comment after you’ve watched it.

Spirit of the Marathon


What can I say?  I’ve watched this documentary 3 times now, including last night.  When you feel the need to get motivated again about our sport, watch the movie! When training is going great and you want some extra excitement about your upcoming race, watch the movie!

What this movie does for me is expand my love for the sport of running.  It offers a glimpse into the training of multiple skill level runners that are registered for the Chicago Marathon several years back.  Each has a story, each runs for a different reason or purpose.  This is true of any runner.  It gives me motivation and a look into the true heart of runners.  Why we do what we do.  It’s a truly inspirational piece.

Last night was the first time that I have watched the movie since meeting two of the men that were in it.  Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter were both in the documentary, and true heroes in our sport.  I had the pleasure of meeting both men this past April at the Blue Ridge Marathon.  They continue to inspire thousands of runners!

As I get closer and closer to running my 6th marathon this September, I am reminded and truly in awe of the inspirational stories of runners all around the globe.  We all run for a reason.  We all have purpose and dedication toward the same thing.

Why do I run marathons?  Like the movie states, running a marathon will change your life.  For me, running gives me faith, hope and renews my own spirit every day!

Have you run a marathon?  How has it changed you?