Wood vs. Metal

You be the judge….let me know what you think!

So often I come across the debate between runners about the kind of finisher medals they like to receive.  I recently read some posts from the New River Marathon, both positive and negative about this years award.  A magnet.  Previous years had been wooden medals.  Then you read the positives and negatives about a wooden medal.  Which do you prefer?  Do you mind?

I recently had an amazing experience running in the inaugural Asheville Marathon on the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  I just had to sign up for this race!  The chance to run on this glorious estate?  A no brainer.  When I crossed the finish line in the frigid sub freezing temperature, I was wrapped in a logo’d blanket, and had a carved wooden medal placed around my neck.  I love it!  Perfectly appropriate for this race, the location in the mountains, and the rustic nature of the surroundings.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Wood vs. Metal

  1. The wood is really unique!! It still is something that you can hang around your neck, which is idea for me. I don’t think I would care for a magnet, I definitely prefer medals or something similar like the wood!

  2. I like unique things. Wood, in the case of this race, is fantastic. I have a hand blown glass medal – that, because of how fragile it is, never sees the light of day – from Wineglass which I love. I’m just afraid I’ll break it one of these days.

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