November Goals


My my goals for this month are pretty simple….

Successful completion of two marathons in 14 days, and then relax through the end of the month, enjoying the holiday with family.  I will start ramping back up a bit on December for next year, but that’s another post altogether.

Full on taper mode has been a little tough, but I have to remind myself that the rest is good for me.  Coming off of my 5th month in a row with running at least 100 miles, the focus is now just on two races.


My next marathon is on Sunday.  Just two short days away.  I am heading out to the expo in a few hours.  Bib #462 for my 7th marathon.  I will also be volunteering my time at the Expo at the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate booth.  I am heading there to meet with the event director, and help spread the word locally about this one of a kind boutique marathon.  As an Ambassador for that event, it will be great to talk about the race with folks coming in to pick up their packets for the race this weekend.

Marathon #2, in Las Vegas is on November 17th, just two weeks from this Sunday.  I am looking forward to that race for a bunch of different reasons.  The challenge of two marathons in two weeks especially.  How will my body hold up?  I know I’ve put in the work, now it’s time for the payoff.

November – a month of new experiences, two new races, and one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced.  I am embracing November!

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