Pheidippides Award Winner – USATF


As a member of the United States Track & Field Association I earned this award for long distance running for 2013.  Yes, I am a Masters runner, and proud of it.  This award is categorized in three levels.  Gold, Silver and Bronze.  In 2011, I earned a silver, and the last two years the Gold.

This award is inspired by Phidippides himself.  Yes, you can spell his name two ways.  Runners over the age of 40 can accumulate points by running road races during the year, and if attaining enough points, be eligible for this nice plaque.

Taken from the USATF website, “Phidippides was sent to Sparta by Athenian officials when they were threatened by Persians landing at Marathon.  The trip was 150 miles which he ran in two days.  The Spartans were celebrating a festival and could not come until the full moon, several days later, whereupon Phidippides retraced his steps in two more days.  He then fought a battle with the rest of Athenians routing the Persians.  The Persians retreated to their ships and set sail for Athens, which caused the Athenians to send Phidippides from the battlefield to Athens, a distance of 26 miles.  He reached Athens, pronounced Nenikekamen and promptly died.”  This 26 mile journey turned into an Olympic running event called the marathon.

If you are not a member of USATF, and live in the USA, you should consider becoming a member.  There are plenty of member benefits.  Check them out at

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