Chicago Marathon Preview

It’s time to get down to business, because the Chicago Marathon is just 19 days away.  I’ve had a couple of awesome weekends, back to back in Utah and Tennessee, but now I have to shift my focus to my next challenge.

Chicago!  A city that will be completely new to me.  I’ve only ever been in the airports there on layovers, and have never stepped foot in the city.  I am so excited for this trip.  A few weeks ago I got an email with my corral assignment, I will be starting in corral ‘D’.  Then last night an email came with a link to the participant guidebook, which will also be mailed to me.  Wow, this is getting serious.


Since I made my travel arrangements and booked my hotel many months ago, it’s time to really get my homework done.

I’ve been mapping out the area.  Extensively checking out maps.  I have figured out the ‘L’, and which train I need to take and to where upon arrival. I’ve got my bases covered on a late check out for Sunday, and how to get to Grant Park on foot from my hotel on race morning.  I am trying to study all of the little details so that race weekend I will be as prepared as I can be.

My next focus will be on getting to and from the expo.  I arrive very early on Friday morning, so it might make the most sense to just go directly to the expo when it opens.  Gotta figure that one out.

Where to eat?  I’ve even been looking at the best places to go to get authentic Chicago food.  Deep dish pizza, etc..  I have to get a feel for the city before I get there, so studying city maps is critical.

I am enjoying the preparations.  Have you ever run the Chicago marathon, or have a good knowledge of the city?  I welcome any and all comments related to what might make my weekend there smoother, more fun or just all around more eventful. Please feel free to share your experiences.

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