Halloween Racing


Does anyone else have a Halloween race to run this year?  Last year was the inaugural Hallowed Half, in Wake Forest, NC.  A local event, about a 45 minute drive away.  The course was tough, very hilly, but tons of fun.

The RD goes all out and all of the volunteers dress up for Halloween, and there is even a section on the course that is completely haunted.  Decorations everywhere, zombies, witches, mummies, vampires, everywhere.  During the race.  I think it comes around mile 9, when leaving a neighborhood, and heading out onto the greenway through the woods.  A haunted forest, if you will, and you run through loads of volunteers haunting the path.  Very cool.

I planned on running this event again this year, and it got me thinking…. Does anyone else get lucky enough to run a Halloween themed event of any kind?  I would be interested in hearing about them.


The race swag was pretty cool, and the possibilities are endless with a themed event like this.  This is my spinning medal from last year.  The RD promises an even bigger and better event this year.

Happy Halloween racing to you!

6 thoughts on “Halloween Racing

  1. I’m running a Halloween-themed 5K tomorrow morning, a fundraiser for a local elementary school; it’s a well-established event, but my first time running it – hoping to have a blast with the kiddos!

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