Asheville or Bust!

Image With only five weeks left until the Marathon, things are looking good.  I finished almost a 40 mile week yesterday with a planned 15 mile long run.  I’ve now only got two long runs left before the big day.  I am planning a 17 miler, and then a 20 miler in the upcoming 3 weeks.  Then it will be taper time, and a Half Marathon warm up a week prior to the event. I am already starting to get those race day nerves starting to work themselves into my runs.  I am looking forward to running this one because I have a better plan, and have followed it really well.  Not having any injuries along the way helps tremendously!  So, my expectations are higher of myself, and thus, the nerves creep in. I’ve got plenty of time to get nervous, it should not be starting now.  Maybe I am just getting excited.  It’s been since April since toeing the line for a marathon, so maybe my body is just saying it’s time.  I like feeling strong, prepared, and mentally ready for the challenge again. Image This will be my first time running the Asheville City Marathon.  It will be my 3rd marathon of 2013, and my 6th marathon overall.  It should be an incredible weekend in the mountains of North Carolina, and I could not be more excited for the remainder of my training, and heading to Asheville on September 27th. Will you be running in Asheville?  Where is your next Marathon?

4 thoughts on “Asheville or Bust!

  1. Good luck, I hope training goes well for you for the next 5 weeks! I’m running my 2nd marathon in November in RIchmond. I’ve got a 15 mile race and 2 half marathons before then, and I’m hoping to fit a 20 mile run in sometime in September, but not sure if I will be able to pull it off.

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